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Smart, Digital Interviews

Forget about resumes

In the CV-VIEW system, you can interview candidates at a time and place convenient for them
You can implement the system on your website or send a link to candidates
You will receive the interviews by email, you will be able to get an impression of the candidates, transfer to the impressions of your colleagues and make an informed decision if you want to continue the process with the candidates
The questions can be edited in any language and create question-and-answer processes in video, recording, and text
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Structured process for example

ניתן ליצור שלבים לוגים חכמים הכוללים שאלות, מבחנים, העלאת טפסים ועוד


Why video interviews?

A process of meetings with 3-5 candidates requires the time of an entire working day and is inefficient. On the other hand, not conducting enough interviews for the position may lead to a rash decision or a long recruitment process. The recruitment process may take several weeks or months when it is required to go through many CVs that are sent, to contact all the suitable candidates, to schedule a personal interview and more, all this in order to find the most suitable candidate.

CVview makes the entire recruitment process completely automatic and allows you to save time, money, resources, and unnecessary work. Our system is convenient and easy to use and was designed to give both parties, recruiters and candidates, an alternative to the old and traditional way that has proven to be less effective in the time we live in -CVview increases the chances of finding the most suitable candidates for each job.

Full support

Adjusting the system, accompanying training and support 

Viewing interviews anytime, anywhere

The link is saved in the candidate's card


Each interview will be received by email, dashboard and can be connected to your systems

Another dimension

are impressed by the candidateon video  instead of invoice

Low costs

Costs that will save you unnecessary expenses

IPHONE 3.jpg

Personal customization

Possibility of customization to your needs


Candidates can be examined in a variety of ways

Ease of use

Friendly interface for all types of devices

Backup and recovery

All the interviews are backed up in the cloud and saved forever, cuts and searches can be made

Saving resources

savescosts Congratulations to candidates and employers

Interview from anywhere and at any time

אומרים שתמונה שווה אלף מילים וסרטון וידאו שווה מיליון מילים

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