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Features of the CVview system

Our   CVview system contains tremendous capabilities to make the most suitable candidates available to you.

The system operates in many countries in the world and different and diverse organizations.
You are invited to discover this in the list of features further down the page.

Copying Down

Adapting questions to the job

You can build a customized job questionnaire that includes recorded questions, tests and file uploads.

Working on Computer

Time limited questions

Each question can be limited to a specified period of time in order for the answers to be focused and to the point

Phone Icon

User friendly

Using the system is easy and simple, both for candidates and recruiters

Old-Fashioned Clock


The candidates are interviewed at a time that is convenient for them - you receive the link immediately and can watch again and again

and pass on to colleagues.

Israeli Currency Notes

saving time

The candidates save time and travel expenses for job interviews, the saving for the candidate allows the company to interview a larger amount of job candidates as well as better quality interviews for each candidate, thus reducing the recruitment time.

Staring at a Screen

from any computer or device

The system allows conducting interviews and viewing interviews from any mobile device, tablet or computer, we support all operating systems of mobile devices and computers.

Working From Home


The interview can be embedded anywhere - email, website, landing page, job sites and more.

Using a Cellphone

Unlimited viewing

You can view the recorded interviews without limitation, you can also send the interview to colleagues in the company involved in the recruitment process, CVview allows an accurate and comparative examination  between the candidates so that the selection of the appropriate candidate will be more accurate.

Service Bell

Notification of interviews being accepted

When a candidate finishes conducting the interview, the system will send the recruiter an email notification that includes a link to view the interview directly, the interview will also be saved in the cloud

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